About Me

Ever since I can remember I have talked to angels and wondered why everyone else didn’t too! I have also always been able to know things about people the instant I talk to them on the phone, see a picture of them or meet them physically. It was a while before I met anyone else who had similar experiences.

My mother Jean ran a healing clinic and was registered with the Federation of Spiritual Healers for the last 30 years of her life. She filled in a lot of the blanks for me and was a constant source of inspiration, and healing energy of course! She died a few years ago although for her it was just a slight shift in consciousness. She’s around again now but as a fully paid up member of the Galactic Elders although she still nags me and thinks I’m about 11 years old!

Mum went on at me gently for years to visit the College of Psychic Studies which I resisted for a long time as I wasn’t ready in myself to take that step although I was intrigued. This is an important point. You need to be ready for what happens to you. The angels know this and don’t show you or put you in a position where you are too far outside your comfort zone. That happened to me when I noticed something peculiar about this picture I took of my friend’s daughter playing on their trampoline.

I noticed this strange orb sitting on her head (right) and I was intrigued. And I was off on my journey. That was the moment the angels pointed at me and whispered in my ear: “What do you think that is?” Orbs, or angels, spirits and galactic visitors as I am now sure they are appear in almost all my photos now regardless of what camera I happen to be using, the location or time of night or day. I have around 23,500 now.

I’m in my early fifties now and I started to “wake up” spiritually around 2001. There was a subtle shift in my outlook and belief system – don’t get me wrong, I don’t adhere to any particular organised form of popular religion although I did read the old and new testament from cover to cover recently and it was a shock not to mention task and a half. And it was a shock because it was both so bad and so violent. I’m trying to pluck up the resolve to tackle the Koran next.

I worked as a science documentary director for twenty years from 1997-2017 and I still occasionally engage on a project. This and my background in physics combined gave me a great education in geomorphology, or how the planet’s form changes, like when there is an earthquake or volcano, and then there is quantum physics – which complement and help rationalise and provide many theories to explain the experiences I have had recently.

And the film shoots for these programmes took me to many locations around the world. It wasn’t until I happened to look at a chart of the world’s own chakras and portals did I realise that I have stood at most of them. And I wondered why.

With my background as a journalist originally, then as a science documentary director where we would research a subject for weeks, months sometimes, before making a show, I’m used to conducting in-depth research. And the presence of a much, much bigger Universe than the one we live in as the physical has been becoming more and more apparent.

My mother Jean used to say to me that I should visit Glastonbury as it was my spiritual home. So, being the obedient son, I went. And it was…is. The Tor is like ground zero for me and I visit it every few weeks, no matter where I’ve been in the world in between. It is constantly attacked by negative, dark forces but remains resolute despite it all.

King Arthur’s Round Table and the wizard Merlin were said to have been based there when it was known as Avalon and was an island. Henry VIII personally hanged the Abbot of the Abbey, Richard Whiting, in 1539 on the Tor when he was doing a political deal with the Roman Catholic church and wanted to destroy the Protestant grip on England.

One night, well the 9th of September 2009, ie 09.09.09, I was at the Tor, feeling like something was going to happen. And it did. It was a totally clear, cloudless, beautiful night and I was channeling the Divine energy which is always present there and I took this picture of it as it happened.

Yes – wow! My life has not been the same since. The lady in the picture and I both saw it and heard the crackle as it zoomed past us. The significance of this one picture is extraordinary. I have met more and more people who can take photographs like this since. Have you got any strange pictures? Bet you have.

This was a powerful demonstration to me of evidence of the presence of celestial energy and how they love to share the gift of channelling that power to others. It’s taken me a few years to learn that all the person doing the channelling has to do is set their own presence aside and let Spirit do the work and then amazing things happen!